7. Coaching/Mentoring

Okay, you ready for surprisingly the difficult one? Coaching and Mentoring. For some mind blowing reason, no one likes to spend the money on this one! Do you think you are the smartest person you know and have all the ideas? Constant growth is the most important thing, not only in our personal lives, but our business lives. I am a couch, have written books, trained hundred of agents, and no matter what, I will always have a coach. Sometimes I even have 4 at a time! A lot of people think they can't afford to get a coach, but you really can't afford not to! You want to continue to grow beyond what you have ever imagined and continually get better not only for your clients, but for your family and your lifestyle. I dare you to name one person in this business who hasn't struggled or needed someone to turn to and we love being that person. Watching our clients grow is our number one goal. Period.