Never Miss a Beat

8 Services to make sure you Never Miss a Beat! 

Have you ever missed something that cost you a client? Have you ever thought, if I was just more on {insert activity here} I would have been able to help that family? That's what we're here for. Next time, you won't miss a beat. 

Everybody love statistics, right?



Years of Experience


Of realtors
that succeed past 5 years


Of businesses said their biggest fear is uncertainty


Higher results & production in individuals who have coaching 

Who and Why


The Who- Owner and Marketing Chieftain, Rebecca Brown created  from her love for marketing, business development and strong passion for seeing others achieve their goals. She has over 16 years in loan origination, and Real Estate which gives her a adept understanding for marketing herself and succeeding. She launched her own Mortgage company, revitalized 3 music, nightclubs and restaurants by complete overhaul with end results of predominant success. She left her accomplished career in the real estate market as she realized she wanted to focus her full attention on the parts she truly loved, using what had made her get to where she is, to help others get to where they want to be. 

The Why- There are many adequate marketing companies that can help you, but they are just that, Marketing companies. They aren't run by someone who has walked a mile (or a few hundred thousand miles) in your shoes. There are many dependable coaches out there, but they typically teach the way they believe. If there is one thing that 8 count understands, what works for one top producer, is not going to work for another top producer. We are all unique, our brains all have different challenges, and there is no magical unicorn business plan that is going to work for everyone. We understand that. We are here to help you find the path that will embrace who you are and aid you in getting the tools that will help you reach your ultimate goal.  


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